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Matt is such a great person! Great to work with and is very well versed in health & wellness
Roye Okupe
Matt has helped change my life. He has been instrumental in reviewing and modifying my food and fluid intake, stressing the importance of rest and sleep. I highly recommend Matt to people looking for the betterment of their lives.
Dean B.
Matt has completely changed my understanding of nutrition, giving me a clear outlook on how to achieve my physical & mental goals… and truly feel great! He is my life coach!
David R.
Matt Kansy figured me out. I am 67 years old, and have been mostly overweight and obese since I was 9 years old. He got me started on a program and gave me the information and support that I needed. I recommend Matt’s professional help without reservation.
Elaine C.
Matt is one of the best people I know, his patience and consistent attitude truly helped me find a better way to living.
Phil A.


Proper nutrition is essential for a healthy body and mind. The fact that we are what we eat should be a powerful enough concept to encourage healthy nutritional practices. But the fact is, we no longer efficiently practice the skills necessary to properly nourish ourselves. Highly refined convenience foods have replaced homemade nourishing meals. Families and individuals are practically forced to cut corners these days in order to keep up with the expectations placed on them. Compromises in nutrition directly influence our health in many ways. From metabolic conditions and autoimmune disease to gastrointestinal disorders and compromises in mental function. You are what you eat and its time to start nourishing yourself properly. Learn how to identify nutrient dense real foods and how to prepare them properly for optimal health.

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For all of human existence regular physical activity was a daily occurrence. Walking, lifting and the occasional run were a regular part of our daily lives. But in this modern landscape and the introduction of some conveniences, our intrinsic behavior has dramatically changed. The term “exercise” is a fairly new concept and has replaced what used to be considered regular daily activity. Its only been over the past 75 years or so that our active lives have slowed to a crawl. Learn how you can incorporate effective movement strategies throughout your day to help keep you healthy and happy.

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Sleep is probably the most neglected area of our health and wellbeing. Proper sleep is so important that if it is not optimized it can easily keep your diet and exercise efforts from being effective. Sleep is much more than most of us think. Sleep is first and foremost a restorative process that resets the body and mind. It not just something that you need to do because you can’t stay awake any longer. Learn how you can improve your mental function and overall health by optimizing your sleep quality.

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Stress Management

Stress is something that we all face. In fact, stress at one time served as a very valuable response that helped make us stronger and keep us alive. Stress still plays this primary roll, but in these modern times stress dominates our landscape. Stress should be an occasional response to an external stimulus, not something that overwhelms us throughout the day. The constant worry about job performance, bills and relationships is slowly killing us and robs us of our health and happiness. Learn how you can develop simple techniques to combat stress and even avoid it before it grabs hold of your life.

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