Business and Corporate Wellness Program Information

Services include:

  • Short and long term wellness programs
  • Seminars and workshops (one day & multi day)
  • Workplace health and wellness survey and assessment services.

Wellness programs in the workplace are shown to have a wide variety of benefits. Below are the most common advantages.

  • Improved job satisfaction
  • Improved productivity
  • Employee retention
  • Marketing for new employees
  • Reduced healthcare costs

Matt Kansy offers health and wellness programs that are unique to each organization. Personal attention is given to each client with the soul purpose of optimizing employee satisfaction and job performance. Other wellness programs tend to be canned and utilize a “one-size” fit all approach with minimal personal attention.

Each business is assessed and reviewed in order to develop a customized program to fit the personality and mission of the organization.

The foundation of each program is a structured education system that addresses nutrition, movement, sleep hygiene and stress management.

In addition, specialized work shops and trainings are available.

  • Food shopping, prep, cooking and storage.
  • Meal planning and convenience strategies.
  • Basic physical fitness programs and techniques.
  • Meditation and stress reduction workshops.
  • Disease specific workshops and trainings.
  • Weight loss and performance work shops.
  • Psychology of food and food habits work shops.

Fundamental one-on-one consultations (on site)

Individual consultation services are available to employees upon request in order to address more complex conditions and personal goals (off site, separate fee)

Work place team building for a healthier work environment.

Web based support, resources, links and Q&A forum

Biometric screening consultation (Screenings offered by third party provider)

Incentive program development.

Program site visits can be conducted either weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

For further information on these services or to schedule an appointment please feel free to call or email.