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Matthew Kansy, RD

Fostering Healthy Lifestyle Practices Through Education and Personalized Attention

As a Registered Dietitian and certified personal trainer, I have spent the last 20 years training myself to become well versed in a wide range of healthcare and wellness topics. By emphasizing the fundamental lifestyle practices of our ancestors, we can significantly improve our health and performance. By consuming nutritious foods, being physically active, getting proper sleep, and engage in effective stress-reducing techniques, we can offset the imbalances that our modern-day environment forces upon us.


The vast majority of our health issues and struggles are influenced and even caused by our lifestyle choices. Yes, genetics play a roll, but epigenetics (lifestyle) can be even more impactful. Influencing our genes to respond to our actions. Learn how to identify what choices are best for your health as well as your mental and physical performance.


Proper nutrition is essential for a healthy body and mind. The fact that we are what we eat should be a powerful enough concept to encourage healthy nutritional practices. But the truth is, we no longer efficiently practice the skills necessary to nourish ourselves properly. Highly refined convenience foods have replaced homemade nourishing meals. We take shortcuts in our diet in order to maintain the expectations placed on us. Compromises in nutrition directly influence our health in many ways. Metabolic conditions, gastrointestinal disorders, autoimmune diseases, and diseases of inflammation are all mostly caused by a lack of proper nutrition. The research even clearly shows a direct link between diet and mental health and function. You are what you eat, and is the time to start putting it into practice. Learn how to integrate a nutritious lifestyle into your daily routine without the stress of the typical diet rat race and start making food choices that work best for you.

Physical Movement

For all of human existence, regular physical activity was a daily occurrence, a necessity for life. Walking, lifting, and occasionally running were a regular part of our daily lives. Because of the modern landscape and an increasing level of conveniences, our intrinsic physical behavior has been drastically impacted. The term “exercise” is a relatively new concept and has replaced what used to be considered our regular daily activity. It’s only been over the past 75 years or so that our activity levels have slowed to a crawl. Learn how you can incorporate effective movement strategies to help maintain a healthy metabolism, mobility, strength, and an improved sense of wellbeing.


Probably the most problematic and widespread health concern that many of us face is the lack of quality sleep that we typically get. Proper sleep is so essential that if it is not adequate, it can easily keep your diet and exercise efforts from being effective. Sleep is so much more than most of us think. Sleep is, first and foremost, a restorative process that resets and repairs the body and mind. It is one of the most critical aspects of our life as it pertains to our health and wellbeing. Learn how you can get your best sleep and reclaim your life.

Stress Management

Stress is essential for survival and is something that we should all face from time to time. Stress makes us stronger and more resilient. Although it continues to play this crucial role, in these modern times, it is a relentless dominating force that is robbing us of our health and happiness. Stress should be an occasional response to an external stimulus, not something that overwhelms us continuously. Overstimulation from electronic devices, technology, work, bills, money, and relationships is slowly killing us. Thus robbing us of our health and happiness. Learn how you can develop simple techniques to combat stress and even avoid it before it begins.

Get Started

Creating real, lasting change in your life, no matter what your goal is, requires time and patience, but also guidance, support, and discipline. Most of us know that we should change but often find it too difficult to maintain. The key to change is to find and develop the resources that will educate and support you. Books and podcasts are a great start, but with the help of a health coach, lasting change can finally become a reality. 

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